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Cannon Beach

We are so excited to announce that Beth Dukes Photography will be available mid-July to take your family and maternity portraits at Cannon Beach in Portland, OR this summer.  If you are interested in intimate, timeless portraits, please get in touch with her by texting 325-665-2021 or e-mailing her at

5,Feb,2018 Other Beth Dukes
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Abilene / Dallas / Fort Worth TX Wedding Photographer​">The Zonker Wedding Abilene / Dallas / Fort Worth TX Wedding Photographer​

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. To be quite honest, pop-up weddings make me nervous.  I was nervous that they’d be disappointed.  I dreaded that my photos wouldn’t be like the light-filled images she’d hoped for.  I didn’t get a chance to do my typical pre-consultation and client […]

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That time my niece went to the ER….

That gorgeous day couldn’t have been more perfect.  Family from Dallas and San Antonio were all in town under the cozies of home.  Squeals were still going full-force and cousin-overload seemed impossible.  Mom cooked a delicious meal that we feasted on for *hours*, we all had the sabbath nap,  kids were happy, and then the […]

16,Apr,2015 Other Beth Dukes
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