In the Beginning

As a child, others considered me the historian of the family, curator of family archives.  I was the one who gladly made scrapbooks for my nieces and nephews. I was the family member others called to ask, “Where’s that picture of Granny when she….(insert memory here)…….” and I could find that print in a second.  In short, I had a knack for being a memory organizer.

My father instilled in me the importance of documenting special moments, by storytelling, journaling, or photographing.  Because I’m so visual and tactile, I needed something to hold onto…..so I held on....to my camera.  And it wasn’t long before I realized that I had innate abilities that could tell a remarkable love story.

The Journey

My undergrad work was at Texas Tech University and I obtained my masters from Gallaudet University. I have had the privilege of shooting all types of portraits; high school seniors, brides and grooms, new mothers, CEO’s and professionals, babies fresh out of the womb. I discovered a passion to find the unexpected in a shoot and am drawn to natural light as well as creative lighting on subjects.

After teaching high school and middle school for twelve years (and loving it), I realized I missed having the freedom to be creative, help others celebrate major family additions, and document the outpouring of love.  So I picked up my camera again and very soon after that was led to people who wanted to document their special relationships.

My Experience

While living in DC, I was a DSLR hobbyist and grad school student. My American Sign Language Media Production class reeled me back (no pun intended!) into camcorders, cameras, and editing. I also frequented the halls of my favorite place; the National Portrait Gallery in Chinatown. With a new perspective and outlook on humanity, I began to chase light, to study art and diversity, portraiture and film, and craved to do more.

When I returned to Texas in 2010, I studied under two wedding photographers from Dallas, joined the Professional Photographer's Association (PPA), and invested my time and efforts into improving the craft of photojournalism. Ongoing education is very important to me, and I am committed to regularly attending Texas School of Professional Photography each year. I registered my photography business in the state of Texas in January of 2014. My photography style has been described as natural, intimate, joyful, and down-to-earth, but the heart of my business is to present you with beautiful portraits that focus on special moments and relationships with the ones you love.

Photo Credit Rebekah Pernell Photography

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